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Try our free and amazing tools to help you plan and reach your ultimate personal goals, today!

Wish. Outcome. Obstacle. Plan.

The german psychologist Oettingen found out that positive thinking and simple todo lists rarely worked, and then invented the WOOP method that gives you the discipline to prioritize and achieve your goals. We have incorporated the science seamlessly into the service, to increase your overall success rate.

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No teams allowed

There are plenty of tools aimed at small teams, but I wanted to build something perfectly designed for us who work alone. That is why I have designed Planvion to be the very best tools available for freelancers and solopreneurs.

High success rate

The app uses analytics and science to improve the design of all the tools to improve your completion rate. My ambition is that you finish every single goal set, before the deadline ends. We have the tools, the rest is up to you!

Pay what you want

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals which is why you can use the tools completely for free. But I too have goals, and would love for you to donate a few bucks to help me pay the rent and continue development on this amazing service.

Privacy protected

Your data belongs to you, and is not shared with anyone. It is stored on servers in the EU with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Personal commitment

The service is run by Daniel, a developer with many years of experience who is always just an email away in case you need him.

Minimalistic & affordable

Any good tool should do what it is supposed to, and nothing more. Clever and affordable enough for all to enjoy the benefits.